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Fennel Seeds


Unveil the Aromatic Symphony: Mothers SPPL Best Quality Fennel Seeds


Step into the world of Mothers SPPL, where the essence of Indian flavors is captured in every spice we offer. As a leading manufacturing and supply company, we take pride in presenting our premium Indian fennel seeds, a testament to our commitment to quality. Explore the richness of tradition and flavor with Mothers SPPL, your trusted masala suppliers in India, as we bring you the best quality fennel seeds, available for you to buy spices online.


The Origins of Flavor:


Our journey begins in the enchanting landscapes of India, where the diverse climate and fertile soil create the perfect conditions for cultivating fennel seeds. Mothers SPPL carefully sources these seeds from key regions celebrated for their unique contributions to the spice's flavor profile.



Rajasthan, with its arid climate, contributes fennel seeds with a more intense and robust flavor. These seeds, carefully cultivated in the desert landscape, bring a bold and aromatic note to our collection of spices.




Gujarat, known for its diverse agricultural practices, yields fennel seeds with a well-balanced flavor profile. The seeds sourced from Gujarat by Mothers SPPL offer a perfect blend of sweetness and warmth, making them a versatile addition to your spice cabinet.


Mother Spices' Commitment to Quality:


At Mothers SPPL, our commitment to delivering the best quality fennel seeds is unwavering. As both manufacturers and masala suppliers in India, we prioritize the hygiene and authenticity of our spices. From cultivation to processing, our fennel seeds undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that you receive nothing but the finest.


Buy Spices Online – A Seamless Experience:


Experience the convenience of elevating your culinary creations by choosing to buy spices online from Mothers SPPL. Our user-friendly website provides a hassle-free shopping experience, allowing you to explore our extensive range, including our premium fennel seeds, from the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks, you can bring the richness of Indian spices directly to your kitchen.


Masala Suppliers in India – Beyond Fennel Seeds:


While our fennel seeds shine as a testament to our commitment to quality, Mothers SPPL is your comprehensive destination for a myriad of spices. As masala suppliers in India, our range extends to embrace the diverse tastes and culinary traditions of the country. Explore our collection to discover the perfect spices that complement your cooking style, making Mothers SPPL your ultimate culinary partner.


Order Hygienic Spices – A Mothers SPPL Promise:


Ensuring the hygiene and cleanliness of our spices is a cornerstone of Mothers SPPL values. When you order hygienic spices from us, you can trust that every spice, including our premium fennel seeds, is handled with care and precision. We understand the importance of purity in your kitchen, and we take pride in delivering spices that meet the highest standards of hygiene.


Unleashing the Potential of Fennel Seeds:


Our premium fennel seeds are more than just a spice; they are a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. Whether you're brewing a soothing cup of fennel tea, adding a hint of sweetness to your desserts, or creating a fragrant spice blend, our fennel seeds are the key to unlocking the true essence of Indian flavors.


Mothers SPPL invites you to embark on a culinary journey enriched with the authenticity of Indian flavors. Our best quality fennel seeds stand as a testament to our legacy as manufacturing and supply specialists, ensuring that you receive the finest spices that India has to offer. Choose to buy spices online with Mothers SPPL, and let the richness of our fennel seeds elevate your dishes to new heights. Explore the world of Mothers SPPL, where tradition, quality, and the true essence of Indian flavors converge to create a culinary experience like no other.


  • Pesticides:Pesticides: Complying with requirements for pesticide residue levels As per the regulations of the destination country.
  • Allergens: Free from Allergens (Other mandatory requirements will be in compliance to the respective regulations of the destination country.)
  • Packing:20/25/30/50 Kgs, PP Kraft bags with inner liner. (provide customized packing as per your requirements.)
  • Shelf-Life:12 Months, under proper storage condition


Aroma Thyme-Like Moisture 9 % Max
Taste Characteristic Ash Content 9.5% Max
Color Light to pale Green Acid Insoluble Ash 1% Min
Cleanliness Machine cleaned &sortex cleaned    



20 Feet 13 Metric tons (MT)
40 Feet 26 Metric Tons (MT)