Mothers SPPL's Cumin Powder

Cumin powder

Welcome to Mothers SPPL, where you can find a wide range of authentic spices that will make your food delicious. Today, let's talk about Cumin Powder - a spice that adds depth and flavour to your dishes and brings the essence of Indian cuisine to your kitchen. We invite you to explore and order our high-quality Cumin Powder, which will enhance the taste of every meal. At Mothers SPPL, we are committed to providing you with the best quality spices that will take your culinary experience to the next level.


Ordering Cumin Powder - A Simple and Convenient Process

Ordering from Mothers SPPL is a breeze. The only way to get your hands on our Pure Cumin Powder is to call the number provided on our website. Our friendly team is ready to assist you, ensuring a smooth and personalized ordering experience.

Crafting Pure Cumin Powder:


Our Cumin Powder starts with the finest cumin seeds sourced from trusted farms. The seeds undergo a process of cleaning, roasting, and grinding, resulting in Pure Indian Cumin Powder that retains the true essence of this spice.


Versatility of Cumin Powder


In Indian Cuisine:

Indian Cumin Powder is a kitchen essential. It adds a distinct flavour to curries, stews, and rice dishes. Whether you're making a comforting dal or a flavourful biryani, our Cumin Powder enhances the taste of your favourite recipes.


Beyond Indian Dishes:

The versatility of our Cumin Powder goes beyond Indian cuisine. Sprinkle it on roasted vegetables, add it to soups, or use it to season grilled meats. The possibilities are endless, making it a must-have spice in any kitchen.


Order Best Quality Cumin Powder - Elevate Your Cooking


Why Quality Matters ?

When you Order Best Quality Cumin Powder from Mothers SPPL, you're investing in the richness of your dishes. Our spices are free from additives or preservatives, ensuring you experience the true taste of cumin in its purest form.


Enhancing Everyday Meals:

From simple weeknight dinners to special occasions, our Cumin Powder adds a layer of flavour that transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary dishes. It's the secret ingredient that brings your dishes to life.


Pure Cumin Powder Straight from India


Order Cumin Powder in Rajasthan:

For our friends in Rajasthan, ordering your supply of Pure Cumin Powder is just a phone call away. Order Cumin Powder in Rajasthan by calling us, and we'll make sure it reaches your doorstep, bringing the taste of India to your home.


Mothers SPPL's Cumin Powder adds depth and authenticity to your cooking. It's not just a spice, but a companion that can transform your meals. Ordering Cumin Powder from Mothers SPPL is a simple and straightforward process. We are committed to providing you with the finest quality spices to enhance your culinary experience. Trust us to deliver the best quality Cumin Powder that will make your dishes flavourful masterpieces.


  • Pesticides: Pesticides: Complying with requirements for pesticide residue levels As per the regulations of the destination country.
  • Shelf-Life: 12 Months, under proper storage condition



Product Powder Purity 100 %
Aroma Strong, Characteristic Moisture 12 % Max
Taste Hot & spicy Ash Content 8 % Max
Color Greyish Brown Acid Insoluble Ash 1 % Max
Cleanliness 25-30% Volatile Oil (ml/100 gm) 2 % Min



20 Feet 16 Metric tons (MT)
40 Feet 26 Metric Tons (MT)